Site focus

Support and advice for the GNU / Linux operating system, desktop office applications, web server applications, mail, encrypted VPN communications.
Remote administration of linux and windows, network technology, switches, firewall.
Launching and configuring Modx Revolution, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or other on request.
Programs for mechanical engineering and BOM printing, optimizing the use of print media area when outputting large format printers (plotters).


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I have been managing and configuring the linux and windows operating systems since 2000, as well as managing and configuring active network elements, network monitoring. For business, I can offer the following.

  • Implement and set up the Apache web server, additional installation of an editorial system for corporate presentations.
  • Installation of SMTP mail gateway, installation of mailboxes with POP3 or IMAP message selection or web interface access.
  • Creating a firewall to prevent intrusion into the internal network, installing and configuring a proxy server to improve security.
  • Install and configure databases such as MariaDB (MySQL), PostgreSQL, Firebird.
  • Secure client connections to your business network using VPN, such as IPSEC/L2TP, OpenVPN, PPTP.
  • Server virtualization using KVM (QEMU) or VirtualBox.
  • Monitoring of network elements, servers, network data transmission statistics.
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Programming applications for MS Windows

In the area of programming, I offer the engineering application for Kusovnik 4.0 SQL billing and printing. The application uses a 3-layer architecture, importing Inventor data, exporting to PDF or XLS.

Optimization of drawings drawn by Optim. With this program you can save a considerable amount of drawing material. Drawings designed to draw a program are sorted according to the specified drawing material dimensions to achieve minimal waste material.

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  8.9.2017 Linux port DiskBase
  5.7.2017 Linux port YTD
16.5.2016 Linux port LDAP Admin

Technologies and applications used

I use the following technologies to meet customer needs.

  • Linux Mageia as the main operating system, CentOS, OpenSUSE, Fedora, Ubuntu
  • Iptables as firewall
  • Postfix, Dovecot for postal services
  • Apache, Squid for Web Services
  • MariaDB database (MySQL), PostgreSQL, SQLite
  • LibreOffice for office work
  • various scripts and programs

For programming for MS Windows I use Delphi 7 and various components.