Bill Of Material (BOM) program

The Kusovnik program is designed for engineering. Allows you to register, edit, print, and export bill of material (BOM). Program control is aimed at maximum simplicity and clarity. The architecture of the program uses a three-layer structure - the client, the application server, and the database server.


Application description

The Kusovnik consists of a client, an application server, and a database server. The user connects to the application server with the client application and creates or modifies the position. The system allows the simultaneous work of several clients to record changes.

Kusovnik klient

Program features

  • visual overview of positions in the tree structure,
  • import data from AutoCAD Inventor,
  • import data from an XML or CSV file,
  • export to XML, PDF, XLS,
  • support for texts in Cyrillic,
  • print assemblies,
  • copying positions with data transfer,
  • refilling data from subassemblies,

Program details

SQL database MySQL or SQLite is used to store the data, MSSQL and Firebird are planned for the future.

Importing data from Inventor is done using unicode csv files.

The print output can be changed using a template

The plan also includes a web browser as a thin client for access to BOMs.