Linux applications

The benefit of deploying Linux to the corporate environment is price, security and stability. Linux flexibility allows you not to reinstall the entire system when you change hardware or your entire computer. In the field of servers, Linux is doing very well and is positively rated for its performance.


Offer of applications and services

Operating system
  • installing and configuring linux Mageia, CentOS, OpenSUSE, Fedora, Ubuntu
  • installing and configuring DNS and DHCP
  • transferring the system to another hardware
  • install and configure a virtualization environment using the KVM module
  • install and configure virtualization environments using VirtualBox or VMPlayer
  • backup and data recovery
  • installing and configuring iptables for intrusion protection
  • VPN server installation for IPSEC/L2TP
  • install and configure OpenVPN server (client)
  • installing and configuring PPTP
  • remote administration of servers via ssh

Web services.

  • installing and configuring the Apache 2.4.x server
  • Apache configuration for different ways of authenticating access to data, name and password, certificate
  • installation of content management system for corporate presentations such as Modx Revolution, WordPress. Joomla, Drupal or another
  • installing and configuring the php engine
  • installing Squid as an application proxy server
Postal Services
  • install and configure Postfix as SMTP mail gateway
  • Dovecot installation for mailbox service with POP3 or IMAP message selection
  • installing and configuring GroupOffice to manage mail domains and for web access to mailboxes
  • migrate mailboxes to another server using IMAP, eg from MS Exchange to Dovecot
File services
  • install and configure Samby File Sharing, CIFS protocol
  • integration of linux client into windows environment
  • installing and configuring databases such as MariaDB (MySQL), PostgreSQL, Firebird
  • installing and configuring phpMyAdmin for controlling MariaDB (MySQL)
  • monitoring network elements, servers, using SNMP
  • network statistics for data transfer using counters in iptables
  • statistics from log files Apache and Squid

Advantages of Linux applications

  • you do not pay for the number of licenses
  • it is generally not necessary to use any complicated security or antivirus system
  • Linux behavior is predictable, manageable and traceable at all times
  • all the services running on the system are fully under control
  • Linux distributions are available for free because they are free software