Optimalisation of printing of drawings

For optimal use of the print media area when printing large format printers (plotters), Optim can be used. The program works with rectangular objects (drawings) by trying to place them on the specified area as efficiently as possible.


Application description

The appearance of the application resembles the plotter control panel. It is similar to a large-format printer (plotter). You can set the size of the print media, the distance between individual drawings, the print pen thickness.


Program features

  • maximum paper dimensions of the plotter 960 mm x 1500 mm
  • minimum paper size of the plotter 210 mm x 297 mm
  • resolution 0.025 mm
  • type HPGL HPGL input HPGL (HP7575, HP7596A, HP7595A) or HPGL2 (raster)
  • type of CGM input files (Drafting 4.x and higher, pure text)

Program Guide (PDF, 190 kB)

Program details

The program works on the basis of the minimal waste of the print media algorithm.

For statistical purposes, data about the processed formats is written to the xls file.

The plan is to add the possibility of simultaneous processing of cgm and hpgl files.