linux LDAP Admin

Linux port of free Windows LDAP Admin, client and administration tool for LDAP directory management.

Kusovnik klient

linux YTD (YouTube Downloader)

Linux port of free Windows YouTube Downloader YTD, client for downloading videos not only from YouTube but also from other servers.

Kusovnik klient

linux DiskBase

Linux port of free Windows DiskBase, disk cataloging program enabling to store the info about a disk (folder and file names, decriptions etc.) to a database for later search .

Kusovnik klient

windows Kusovnik 4

The Kusovnik program is designed for engineering. Allows you to register, edit, print, and export bill of material (BOM). Program control is aimed at maximum simplicity and clarity. The architecture of the program uses a three-layer structure - the client, the application server, and the database server.

Kusovnik klient

windows Optim

For optimal use of the print media area when printing large format printers (plotters), Optim can be used. The program works with rectangular objects (drawings) by trying to place them on the specified area as efficiently as possible.