Programs for MS Windows

Beyond managing and configuring the Microsoft product environment, I also offer programming for MS Windows. For the needs of the engineering company, the BOM offers a program for bills of materials and for optimizing the use of the print media area when it comes to large format printers (plotters).


Service offer

Operating system
  • administration, event. installation of server versions of MS Windows 2012, 2008R2
  • managing users, computers in Active Directory
  • installing and configuring DNS and DHCP
  • remote server administration
  • installation and configuration of CA services

Web services.

  • install and configure IIS
  • IIS configuration for different ways of authenticating access to data, name and password, certificate
Postal Services
  • install and configure Exchange as a mail server
  • migrating mailboxes to another server using IMAP, for example from Dovecot to MS Exchange
  • installing and configuring MSDE or MSSQL 2012,2008 databases

Programming applications for MS Windows

In the area of MS Windows programming, I offer the Kusovnik 4.0, managing bills of material and printing unit application for mechanical engineering. The application uses a 3-layer architecture, importing Inventor data, exporting to PDF or XLS.

Optimization of drawings by Optim application. With this program you can save a considerable amount of drawing material.Drawings designed to draw/print on plotters/printers, are sorted/organized by this Optim program according to the specified drawing material dimensions to achieve minimal waste material.